Feedback Module

Feedback Module

Customer Satisfaction

Listening to the actual users needs is imperative for delivering service quality that we aim for. We use customisable IP66 rated tablets which is conveniently mounted to capture users feedback. It has a 5 point rating system where the customer can rate their level of satisfaction with the cleanliness level of the space.


Issue Identification

In a situation where customers are not satisfied with the cleanliness levels of the space, they can identify the exact reason behind their low rating. Multiple such feedbacks will be collected to send alerts to the cleaners and managers.

Audit Process

We believe in a clean, eco-friendly world. Eliminating the need of paper based audit and tracking, our digital audit panel provides an integrated system where managers can access past cleaning data and conduct random checks to identify if all needs are being met and customers are satisfied.

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Audit Checklist

A digital checklist for cleaners to identify the feedbacks received by customers and alerts sent by sensors to do the needful.