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How to Cater to Heavy-Traffic Commercial Restrooms And Keep Them Clean?

Railway stations, airports, stadiums, arenas and other sports venues are some of the busiest locations that see a heavy population at all times. Cleaning and maintaining these types of locations requires some serious amount of planning and communication and cannot be approached haphazardly. Take the scenario of a football stadium filled with 65,000 people. Imagine…

The Importance of Hygiene in Public Restrooms

Numerous people using limited public toilets or restrooms means that such facilities can become very smelly and nasty in a short time unless you follow a well-thought of hygiene policy. When you don’t maintain the cleanliness standards expected of you, it certainly affects your reputation and has an impact on your workers and clients too.…

We at SmartClean Technologies have developed AI-powered solutions that can monitor the cleanliness levels of toilets in real time and transform your cleaning operations. Our interactive cleaning automation solutions can not only lead to improved service quality but also increased productivity. We are determined to automate your cleaning processes to a level where the intervention of a human cleaner can be eliminated.

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SmartClean Technologies takes great pride in tackling one of the toughest cleaning jobs – toilet cleaning. Through the installation of a set of sensors in toilets, we can evaluate different aspects of cleanliness in real time and help move industries from a schedule-based cleaning to need-based cleaning. Recently, we got selected out of 1,300 startups that applied to AIRmaker’s three-month accelerator programme.

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In early 2017, our founders who were earlier running a service robotics startup and a Commercial Cleaning company, came together to start SmartClean. At SmartClean, we are re-imagining the next gen Cleaning industry and are building end-to-end Digital solutions, which will monitor spaces, learn from the facility data and autonomously run the Cleaning operations of the Property with a team of Cleaners and Robots. We provide a revolutionary approach to improve the cleanliness levels of toilets in Singapore and India through the use of intelligent algorithms and smart sensors.

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