Airports are some of the busiest locations that always have people using the commercial restrooms at all times. The safety, restroom sanitation, and environmental sustainability become a concern in such a scenario. Over the years, customer satisfaction has become an important focus to airport operators, and the introduction of automated cleaning solutions is a step towards tackling the issue of unhygienic toilets.


Residential complexes

A residence is one of the places that should remain most clean among all the premises. A resident is where our family resides, and health of our family is the most important factor of livings. This can be ensured by ultimate cleaning services of which we are proficient. And one should not take risks when it comes to homely matters.


It is a place which one can call a temporary living place. It should be treated as equals to the homes. The customers in a hotel will always love to have a homely facilities there, and it will always be incomplete is the rooms, halls or bathroom are appropriately clean.



Healthcare sector has a strong focus on Indoor Air Quality, overall hygiene and cleanliness levels throughout the hospital environment. They are required to adhere to strict cleanliness standards to operate smoothly on an everyday basis.With our SmartClean solutions, we partner with clients like Mount Elizabeth hospital for the reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) and provide a safer environment for the patients.

Entertainment/tourist zones

There are some public places of high visiting values. The visiting rates significantly decreases when one do not finds the appropriate cleanliness at that place. Be it for the restroom hygiene of the staff or visitors, or the maintenance of valued artifacts. With SmartClean sensors installed in such public toilets, they stay disinfected at scheduled times without any release of odours or bacteria into the environment. (Make this section entertainment/tourist zones like zoos, theme parks, museums, etc.)

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Commercial Buildings / Malls

Thousands of people flock to malls for shopping and entertainment. The washrooms in such commercial buildings are used round-the-clock making the cleaning processes very challenging. Installation of intelligent sensors, for example, Wetness Detection Sensors can alert the cleaning staff in case of water spills to prevent slips and falls. It can considerably reduce the cleaning time that the staff has to put in otherwise.

Corporate Offices

A clean, hygienic and tidy office environment will not just promote your organization’s productivity but also enhance your image to your clients. With SmartClean’s Virtual Cleaning Supervisor installed in your corporate office, your employees would be able to share their feedback and alert the cleaning staff to clean the toilets promptly. Additionally, it will also allow the cleaners to log their tasks in the system so you can keep a tab on when the facility was last cleaned.

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Smart Cities / MRT Stations

Railway stations are an integral part when it comes to smart cities. Using cutting-edge technology combined with modern infrastructure is essential for sustainability and improving the overall efficiency. With SmartClean sensors installed in such locations, practical data can be collected to eliminate disorganization and provide travelers with access to clean toilets any time of the day.